August 2012 Board Agenda

ETTI Board Meeting

Date: Thursday, August 09, 2012

Location: Goyette and Associates

Time: 4:30 pm. – 6:00 p.m.

Called By: ETTI President

Tom Mrizek – President
Todd Wheeler – V.P.
Mark Stephen
Ken Fellman
Kyle Britain
Eric Mathews
Randy Shuker
Dee Contreras
David Swim

Agenda Topics

Call to Order: President

Roll Call: President

Officers Report

Presidents Report: Tom

Reading of Minutes Last meeting: Mark

Presentation of invoices, Approval for payments: Mark

Correspondence/Committee reports: Tom

Mark Stephens Plan Check Arbitration: Tom

Health Joint Labor Management Meeting: Dee/Randy Tom

Tony Abuscato Dee

Sexual Harassment at Agriculture Dept.: Randy

LERA-NC ( Firehouse Restaurant 7/31/2012) Randy

Action Items

1) Civil service meeting 8/10/12 1:30pm Tom/Todd/Dee
2) Dale Wigglesworth Grievance Dee
3) Contract meeting 2-3 pm 8/13/12 Tom/Dee
4) Supplimental Military leave meeting 3-4pm 8/13/12 Dee
5) Web Site Kyle
6) Life time members Jeff Snyder and Alex Hernandez Discuss
7) HCR meeting @UC extension 09/26/12 Tom

1) Labor Law and Labor Arbitration Conference (SF 9/5,6,7, 2012 Tom

New Business: All

Payroll issue on BI Cert pay: Tom

Close Meeting

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