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To: ETTI Members
Date: June 15, 2012
RE: Union Status

Dear Fellow ETTI Members, It has been almost five months since our last General meeting and Election and I think it time to update you on the progress made by the current Board since that date. It has been a very active and successful time for our Bargaining Unit. I would like to thank all of you for the support I have received from you and the ETTI Board Members since taking office.

This Board has been very active since the start and has a lot to be proud of . We took office when the County was going thru a lot of transitions. The County had just replaced the County Executive who making a lot of internal changes. We met with Brad Hudson early in March to establish a working relationship and to express our concerns , This meeting was very productive. We had many outstanding grievances which had been ongoing and stonewall by the past administration. In this meeting we presented our concerns and this has led to many other meetings with the following results.

  1. Eight BI 2 Range A Inspectors have been paid for some of the time working out of class due to 21J Assignments.
  2. Five Members have been paid retention pay due to the demotions related to layoffs.
  3. The Re-Organization of CMID and Community Development included keeping the Structure of the Construction Inspection group together under The General Fund and budget reviews and seniority rights between both groups have been identified and protected .
  4. We have settled a grievance for employees working out of class and have had productive meetings with both Labor Relations and management from the Airport, BCM, and Land Surveys to illustrate our determination to protect our work and classifications re-guarding this issue. We were able to get one Construction Inspector back pay for working out of class and management has agreed to pay out of class pay in the future according to our contract.
  5. The Airports has agreed to use the ETTI personal on the Construction projects and to apply for the proper permits from the Building Department for all work requiring one. They are looking into applying for a yearly permit for maintenance work which should help the Building inspection Budget.
  6. The County and ETTI has work out an agreement to save jobs at the Materials Lab and for the County to maintain its accreditation. I will forward you those details once they are formalized but we think it is a Win/Win for both sides.
  7. We are focusing now on our new Contract . It won’t be as easy this time due to the economy but we are working hard on a plan to get the best one we can.
  8. Our website should be updated soon and this should help in getting quicker information out to the Members.
  9. We will be receiving a 2% COLA effective the end of the Month along with two Admin days off this year.

We should be please that the proposed 2012-2013 Budget did not include any layoffs of ETTI Members, this is a positive sign . There are many challenges ahead and I hope that we can continue being successful in the protection our livelihoods. I would like to thank all of the Members of ETTI and especially the ETTI Board Members for their hard work and dedication , without that support ETTI would not be as strong as it is . Remember It is hard to go toe to toe with your employer on sensitive issues related to your employment, but we need to all realize that together we can make a difference along with making the County of Sacramento a more successful and pleasant place to work.

Sincerely , Thomas Mrizek
President ETTI

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