September 2012 Board Agenda

ETTI Board Meeting

September 27. 2012

4:45 – 6:35 PM at Goyette and Associates Office

Executive Board                                                                           
President Tom Mrizek
Vice President Todd Wheeler
Secretary Treasurer Mark Stephan
Ex Officio – Randy Shuker
Attorney – Dee Contreras for G&A
Labor Representative – Dave Swim

Chapter Representatives
Waste Water Treatment Plant – Vacant
Building Inspection – Vacant
Construction Inspection – Ken Fellman
Engineering Technicians – Kyle Brittain
Building Construction – Erich Matthews


Call to Order – 4:45 PM by President Mrizek

Board Members Present – Tom Mrizek, Mark Stephan, Randy Shuker, Ken Fellman, Erich Matthews,

Reading of the Minutes – The minutes of August 9, 2012 were reviewed; moved by Mark Stephan to accept the minutes of 8/9/12 with corrections; seconded by Randy Shuker; approved by the Board.

Financial Report – Secretary-Treasurer Stephan provided the financial report in writing. The income now roughly equals the monthly expenses with an ongoing investment. Moved by Erich Matthews to approve the treasurer report; seconded by Ken Fellman; carried.

President’s Report – Tom explained that the accountants are working to address an issue raised by the IRS about e-filing. Mark is working with the accountant to resolve it. The Arbitration Seminar was excellent and all of the Board learned a great deal about the process and how arbitrators make decisions. It reinforces the need to be aggressive in preparation and to review the contract language carefully. We also need to get a broader list of arbitrators to use. The life member gift for Alex still needs to be purchased and Mark will do that. Several members attended the County Executive’s meeting with all recognized employee organizations on Health Care Reform. It was enlightening and Dee will prepare a summary to post on the website. The next meeting will be October 31, focusing on AB 340 Pension Reform.


1)      President Mrizek and Dee Contreras met with Labor Relations for the Material Lab classes to establish salary and the meeting fell apart when Vanessa DeLeon said that the new classes will not be eligible for retention pay. She cited the ETTI agreement with no retention pay for the new tech classes and Tom pointed out they did not get it before. These employees do, so the meeting ended. The County will come back after reconsidering the retention pay.

2)      The military leave grievance of XXX is still pending a response from County Counsel. There has been no action on the policy issue to date.

3)      Dee Contreras explained that XXX, fee payor, has requested the minutes for 2011. After discussion it was moved by Ken Fellman, seconded by Erich Matthews, and carried that Dee will review and redact the minutes and provided to XXX at cost. Mark will provide the minutes for Dee to redact confidential information and give them to XXX after they are posted on the member website.

4)      President Mrizek had an informal meeting with Lori Moss, Director of Community Development, about the needs of building inspection and budgeting to address this. There is a surplus in BI which needs to be used there.

5)      Dee sent a letter to Labor Relations requesting we set regular Labor-Management meetings pursuant to the Memorandum of Understanding. There is a lengthy agenda the start with, including: the proposed Customer Satisfaction Survey; the proposed Workplace Violence Policy for Sanitation Districts; workflow in BID; budgeting of allocated costs; the plan to recall employees from layoff to cover workload and attrition; interpretation and payment of certificate pays; treatment of employees and CIs; existing interpretive memos affecting ETTI; and Union rights in the workplace.

6)      There is a Goyette and Associates seminar on pension reform, mediation and fact-finding, and bankruptcy on 10/16 and it was requested that Board members attend. Moved by Ken Fellman, seconded by Mark Shephard, and carried to send 3 Board members.

 New Business: President Mrizek sent the Memorandum of Understanding to all Board members and requested that they review assigned sections in preparation for negotiations.

Meeting Adjourned – 6:35 PM

Next meeting – TBD

Minutes prepared by Dee Contreras





Mark Stephan, Secretary-Treasurer

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