Estate Planning

I tried to send you guys an email a couple weeks back but I am not sure that it made it through…

As you may know, Goyette & Associates handles a variety of legal matters for our clients, including estate planning. We are offering a special discount rate (below the regular discount rate for association members) through the holiday season until March 15. This is a special offer being made only to the three Sacramento County units G&A represents.

Please take a look at the attached flier and let me know if you would be willing to pass this along to your general membership via email or in physical form (I can make copies and get them to where they would need to go). Also, I would like to attend you next Board or general membership meeting to discuss this offer and any other issue ETTI is facing that I can assist with. Please let me know when your next meeting is so I can schedule it.

Thanks in advance for your help in this and I look forward to helping your members set up their estate plans.


Rafael Ruano, Esq.
Chief Administrative Officer
Goyette & Associates, Inc.

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2366 Gold Meadow Way, Suite 200
Gold River, CA 95670

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