October 2015 Meeting Minutes

ETTI Board Meeting

October 1, 2015

5:00 PM at Blue Prynt

Executive Board                                                                   
President Tom Mrizek                                                                  
Vice President Mark Stephan                                                    
Secretary Treasurer Randy Shuker                                          
Ex Officio – Randy Shuker                                                           
Attorney – Dee Contreras for G&A                                         
Labor Representative – Dave Swim                                        

Chapter Representatives
Waste Water Treatment Plant – Robert Gardner
Building Inspection – John D’Antonio
Construction Inspection – Ken Fellman
Engineering Technicians – Vacant
Building Construction – Vacant
Code Enforcement – Brian Tischbirek


Call to Order – The meeting was called to order at 5:20 PM by President Mrizek.

Board Members Present – Tom Mrizek, Randy Shuker, Mark Stephan, John D’Antonio, Ken Fellman, Brian Tischbirek, Robert Gardner

Reading of the Minutes – The minutes for July 23, 2015 were deferred to the next meeting.

Financial Report – The financial report was deferred to the next meeting.

President’s Report

  1. President Mrizek reported he met with Randy Shuker and Mark Stephan to discussion the future direction of the organization and Board. The officers now serve longer terms and those 3 officers will run again. The Board is functioning well and the negotiations reflected that.
  2. Tom reviewed the potential costs for use of release time and suggested that the Board approve use unless it is a mandatory need and the Board agreed. Dee Contreras explained the different between ETTI release time and use of County time.
  3. Tom discussed some push to get more in certificate pay and replied that we expanded it to more employees and more types of pay. It is there until we are in bargaining again.
  4. Tom also reported that the cap in the MOU on retirement contributions is unique to ETTI and a real win in the long term.
  5. Tom reviewed the County IT Policy which was covered in a meeting with the IT Department and Labor Relations.
  6. The Board met on 9/14 to look at the dues structure and the payment to Goyette. The Board has the authority to raise dues and will add the item to revisit in February. Tom is looking at an increase to $16.50 per pay period to cover ongoing costs fully and add 10% to savings again.


  1. Dee reported on the fact-finding for XXX and follow-up information is being provided to the County.
  2. The ULP mediation will be held on 10/8 at PERB.
  3. XXX’s complaint regarding his supervisor was reviewed and it was decided that Dee will review his 28 page memo and refer it to Goyette for legal follow-up if appropriate.
  4. Correspondence:   None

    Action Items:

    1. Moved by Brian Tischbirek; seconded by John D’Antonio to create a technician allowance of $75 per month for Board members for phone and laptop connections to be reviewed annually. After discussion the motion was withdrawn and a successor motion made by Brian Tischbirek; seconded by John D’Antonio to create a $50 tech allowance for Board members with personal phones and a $50 allowance for Executive Board members for Wifi service; carried.
    2. Moved by Ken Fellman; seconded by Mark Stephan to appoint Robb Gardner to the Board as the Waste Water Plant Representative; carried.
    3. Tom will follow-up on the reports on third party contractors used for Bargaining Unit work. He will also check on the General Services spending on contracts.
    4. Mark Stephan with follow-up with a County technical employee on keeping up the website. A clean copy of the amended Bylaws will be posted on the site.
    5. Moved by Brian Tischbirek; seconded by Mark Stephan to cover the cost of Tom attending the CALPELRA Labor Relations conference; carried.

    Old Business:    None

    New Business: Tom will request the IIPP for Goethe to review the air testing process due to concerns there.

    Meeting Adjourned – 7:00 PM

    Next meeting – November 12, 2015

    Minutes prepared by Dee Contreras




    Randy Shuker, Secretary-Treasurer


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