November 2015 Meeting Minutes

ETTI Board Meeting
November 17, 2015
5:00 PM at 9700 Goethe A

Executive Board Chapter Representatives
President – Tom Mrizek
Waste Water Treatment Plant – Robert Gardner
Vice President – Mark Stephan
Building Inspection – John D’Antonio
Secretary Treasurer – Randy Shuker
Construction Inspection – Ken Fellman
Ex Officio – Randy Shuker
Engineering Technicians – Vacant
Attorney – Dee Contreras for G&A
Building Construction – Vacant
Labor Representative – Dave Swim
Code Enforcement – Brian Tischbirek


Call to Order – The meeting was called to order at 5:15 PM by President Mrizek.

Board Members Present – Tom Mrizek, Mark Stephan, John D’Antonio, Brian Tischbirek, Robert Gardner

Reading of the Minutes – The minutes for October 1, 2015 were reviewed. Moved by Mark Stephan; seconded by Brian Tischbirek to approve the minutes as corrected; carried.

Financial Report – The financial report was deferred to the next meeting.

President’s Report

  1. President Mrizek request that the Bylaws be posted on the website along with the recent minutes and LM3 report.
  2. He provided the names of all current officers to the County for signature on cards as needed by the County. The vacant positions are Building Construction and Engineering Technician. Dee Contreras added the need for a Planner Representative.
  3. The IT policy was completed with Labor Relations and the IT Department.
  4. Jack Willard was attacked while in the field and Tom request self defense training be provided for those working in the field. Safety was willing but management rejected the request. He has requested to meet and confer on the issue with Labor Relations which we will add to our list of topics under discussion.
  5. Dee reported that the Unfair Labor Practice hearing with PERB is set for 2/24/16 and Tom reported that Labor Relations Manager Bonner said it will be resolved before then.
  6. The XXX complaint is in process at County Human Resources. Dee will confirm that all documents have been sent.
  7. There is a hiring freeze as there is an active list with a prior employee at rank 3. The department requested to pass rank 3 and certify rank 4 which has not been done. The affected individual has retained an attorney. Meanwhile they are contracting out work.
  8. The meeting on Code issues is being scheduled and Dee will provide a list of topics previously identified to Labor Relations. Meetings are being scheduled on DOT safety and General Services air quality.
  9. Data on labor contracts is coming in and Community Development was received. 10) Brian Wazhkoe is retiring as Chief Building Official.
  10. Air Quality issues at BPI Downtown is being reviewed after Tom was yelled at for opening a window. The County has been requested to test air quality as more people have been moved into the area and there is no data known on whether the ventilation rate is adequate.
  11. There is a problem with the website so do not use the County computers to go there until it is cleared up.
  12. The Elections are coming and Tom will run again. Randy Shuker will not continue as Treasurer but would consider Vice President. Mark Stephan will run for Treasurer. Dee referred the Board to Election Buddy to implementation online voting. Tom suggested holding Board meetings during the day. Moved by Mark Stephan; seconded by Brian Tischbirek to set meetings during the day; carried. Tom will look at Tuesdays in 2016. Tom explained that Ken Fellman is absent tonight as he was ordered not to use the County vehicle to come to the meeting. We need to clarify the policy covering this incidental use.
  13. The General Meeting will be held on 2/25/16 at 5:00PM. The Holiday Party will be 11/19 at Thunder Valley.

Representation – None

Correspondence: None

Action Items: None

Old Business: None

New Business: None

Meeting Adjourned – 6:55 PM

Next meeting – December 8, 2015

Minutes prepared by Dee Contreras


Randy Shuker, Secretary-Treasurer

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