ETTI Board Meeting, February 2nd 2016

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ETTI Board Meeting

February 2, 2016
12:00 PM at Perkos, Micron Avenue

Executive Board
President – Tom Mrizek
Vice President – Mark Stephan
Secretary Treasurer –  Randy Shuker
Ex Officio – Randy Shuker
Attorney – Dee Contreras for G&A
Labor Representative – Dave Swim

Chapter Representatives
Waste Water Treatment Plant – Robert Gardner
Building Inspection – John D’Antonio
Construction Inspection – Ken Fellman
Engineering Technicians – Vacant
Building Construction – Vacant
Code Enforcement – Brian Tischbirek


Call to Order – The meeting was called to order at 11:35 AM by President Mrizek.

Board Members Present – Tom Mrizek, Mark Stephan, Brian Tischbirek, Randy Shuker, Ken Fellman

Reading of the Minutes – The minutes for December 9, 2015 were reviewed. Moved by Mark Stephan; seconded by Randy Shuker to approve the minutes; carried.

Financial Report – The financial report was deferred to the General meeting. The tax forms have all been filed. The information will be shared with the Board at the 2/23/16 meeting.

President’s Report
1) President Mrizek indicated that the question of establishing a Planner representative will be added to the General meeting agenda. 
2)  There will be a pre-meeting on 2/23 to prepare for the General meeting and the financial report will be the primary focus. 
3) Tom reported on the meeting with Board of Supervisors Member Don Nottoli and it was very positive. The concept of appointing a County contractor to the Building Official position was addressed and the conflict of interest ETTI sees was explained. Supervisor Nottoli agreed that the issue needs more review and the item was pulled from the agenda at the Board of Supervisors meeting. Tom followed up on the report requested by the Board after the CMID reorganization in 2012 and Nottoli never received it and will ask about the status. 
4)  There has been no further contact from the County since the XXX fact-finding meeting. 
5)  The PERB hearing is set for 2/24 but we are working with Labor Relations to see if we can resolve it by amending the Civil Service Rules. 
6)  The Materials Lab has requested that we meet on staffing to address the increased workload. Dee will review the MOU language on workload. 
7) There is a meeting re the XXX request for accommodation in the works. There is no response yet on the investigation of his complaints. 
8) A meeting has been requested to address the interaction between XXX and member XXX where she was harsh, condescending and rude. 
9)  Review of third party contracts continues. 
10)  Updating the website continues and the Bylaws will be posted on it. 
11) The scanner project is not done and it is having problems. It will be checked out and repaired. Dee still needs to provide her documents. 
12) There is a full list of candidates for the General meeting. 
13)  The self defense issue remains on the agenda.  13)  The air quality reports received are several years old.

Representation:    None

Correspondence:    None

Action Items: Moved by Mark Stephan; seconded by Randy Shuker to move $25,000 from investment funds to checking to provide liquidity as needed; carried.

Old Business: None

New Business:  None

Meeting Adjourned – 12:35 PM

Next meeting – The next meeting will be on 2/23/16 after the Code Enforcement meeting; the General Meeting will be held on 2/25/16 at 5:00PM.


Minutes prepared by Dee Contreras

Randy Shuker, Secretary-Treasurer


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