State of the Union, July 2016

To: ETTI Members
Date: July 18, 2016,
RE: Union Status

Dear Fellow ETTI Members,

This is to update the status of current events and items of interests for the members of ETTI.

During the recession the Board held dues increases to a minimum. We used reserves to pay the increased costs. We mentioned this at our annual meeting this last February and posted the meeting minutes on the website so it shouldn’t be a surprise for all that attended.

Member dues will now be $20 a pay period. It is timed to the 4% equity increase.

$40 per month is still one of the lowest dues of the 26 bargaining units in the County. The Board is actually approved to collect up to $99 dollars per month without approval from the membership. So we feel $40 is a modest request for the best service and the most responsive representation to members anywhere within the County.

Remember we also are now paying .91% more towards our Pension costs and are the only Union to cap that increase to a maximum of 12%.

This Board has been very active this year.  The following are some of the highlights this year.

  1. We have increased the Board members to a total of 8 positions. We have increased our membership from around 170 to 260 in less than a year. We now have Code Enforcement and part some planners in the planning Department within our Unit.
  2. We have been able to influence the Board of Supervisors and Management to increase work force in many of our units including 8 new Building Inspectors for BPI , 2 Construction inspectors for Construction Management and 4- 6 Code Enforcement Officers.
  3. BID now has a reserve of seven million dollars which is being watched closely by our Board.
  4. We have also been able to monitor and restrain the activities of 3rd party consultants and are receiving current lists of projects and fees paid to them from BPI and CMID management and holding meet and confer with all departments.
  5. We have negotiated a new fee structure with our legal team which is now $3500 per month instead of $15 per member. This is actually an increase of $500 per month but saved us from paying $900 more based on member count.
  6. We have been instrumental in the County development of a new safety program. One which includes a Self-defense class to being announced very soon.
  7. We are involved with initiating a long term health benefit program for our members which the County has just began to roll out.
  8. We are partnering with another Union to litigate our incentive pay as part of our retirement package calculation with SCERS. This is at additional costs but is very “Big” for our total retirement payout.
  9. We have been successful in negotiating a Transportation Policy which allows current members to continue to have home retention without having to be under the new policy mileage restrictions.
  10. Members of the Board are now being professionally trained in Labor Relations practices and strategy by going to the annual CALPELRA conference put on by the same instructors who train the County. This is an additional cost but will pay us back now and into the future.
  11. The new County IT policy requires ETTI to provide its own IT system which includes Phones, Computers and WIFI for all the board members. This is a new cost but it must be done.
  12. We are hiring John Locke, of to manage our website and improve communication the membership.
  13. All of the existing paper documents of ETTI over the last 25 years are being scanned and electronically saved for the future. This is a new cost but will save us storage fees and time into the future.


It is never pleasant to have to increase dues but I hope the membership acknowledges the good work that has been done and feels confident in the decisions of the Board in this matter.

There are many challenges ahead and I know we can continue being successful in the protection our livelihoods. I would like to thank all of the Members of ETTI and especially the ETTI Board Members for their hard work and dedication to the cause, without that support ETTI would not be as strong as it is. Remember it is hard to speak out to your employer on sensitive issues related to your employment, but we need to all realize that together we can make a difference along with making the County of Sacramento a more successful and pleasant place to work.

Sincerely, Thomas Mrizek
President ETTI

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