State of the Union, December 2016

To: ETTI Members,
December 08, 2016

Dear Fellow ETTI Members, This is to update you on the status of current activities being worked on by the Board of ETTI.

1. We have met with the Director of Community Development and its management reviewing the use of 71 J contractors and are pleased to announce that they are moving towards hiring replacements to those subcontractors and replacing them with new hires in the future. We have been pushing for them to have current employment lists in represented classifications. This will allow managers to hire needed positions in a more expedient manner.

2. We have been able to monitor and restrain the activities of 3rd party consultants and are receiving current lists of projects and fees paid to them from BPI and CMID management and holding meet and confer with all their department managers.

3. We have filed an unfair labor practice against the director of CMID for hiring outside contractors to do some of our Lab testing without a 71J contact in place and are currently meeting with them on the ramifications and a resolution to this issue.

4. We have filed two grievances in just the last two months. One member was hired back off the re-employment list as a temp employee. He lost some of his original sick time and new vacation accruals and is being treated as a new employee. They changed his tier from A into tier B which reduces the Counties medical payments to him. We are in mediation on this since it violates our MOU with the County.

5. The second grievance is to clarify the religious objection to paying Union dues. We had a member claim the exemption base on her feelings against paying dues and not due to any affiliation with a recognized religious sect. This violates our MOU with the County.

6. We were instrumental in the development of a new safety program. One which includes Self-defense classes which are ongoing. We have received very good reviews from those who have had a chance to go.

7. We are involved in monthly meeting with the County and other REO’s developing a long term health benefit program for our members.

8. We are constantly meeting with Labor relations on policy language addressing a wide range of policies the County is trying to update and consolidate.

9. We are in preparation for the next Contract negotiations which will start very soon.

10. We have improved the ETTI web site and are trying to post more current information.

There are many challenges ahead and I know we can continue being successful in the protection our livelihoods. I wish the best for you and your family in the upcoming year.

Sincerely, Thomas Mrizek

President ETTI

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