ETTI General Membership Meeting, February 23, 2017

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ETTI General Membership Meeting

February 23, 2017

5:00 PM at DOT, 4100 Traffic Way


Executive Board
President – Tom Mrizek
Vice President – Mark Stephan
Secretary Treasurer – Randy Shuker
Ex Officio – Randy Shuker
Attorney – Dee Contreras for G&A
Labor Representative – Dave Swim


Chapter Representatives
Waste Water Treatment Plant Inspection –
Building Permits & Inspection – Donovan Doyon
Construction Inspection – Ken Fellman
Engineering Technicians – Johnny Mangum
County Building Projects & Materials Lab Inspection – Adam Autsen
Code Enforcement – Brian Tischbirek



Call to Order – 5:33 PM by President Mrizek.


Board Members Present – Tom Mrizek, Mark Stephan, Ken Fellman, Brian Tischbirek, Adam Autsen, Johnny Mangum, Donovan Doyon. Twenty members attended.


Reading of the Minutes – Deferred


Financial Report – Mark Stephan presented the financial report. He explained the Fair Share rate which is $18.75 and the member dues are $20 biweekly. There is a reserve of $240,000 which provides the capacity for litigation and negotiations support.


President’s State of the Union Report – President Mrizek reported on the state of the Union:

1) A grievance was filed regarding the County failure to implement the FLSA cash-out over the legal caps. It was resolved by programming the payroll system to automatically cash-out when the caps are hit and the overages currently in the system were paid to the employees at the end of January.

2) An Unfair Labor Practice charge was filed with PERB regarding the County use of a non-71J contractor for County work. The County resolved it by insuring they will discuss all contracts with ETTI and provide the 71J analysis as required. We added some information to ETTI and oversight of testing by the Materials Lab staff.

3) The County settled a grievance from an employee laid off in 2008 who was recalled as a temporary employee and not given credit for prior service for accruals and insurance. He received his back hours and was placed in the correct Tier A insurance.

4) We reviewed the Telework Policy and agreed to it.

5) We will meet with the County regarding the reorganization of departments by the new County Executive. We agreed with the concept as it returns to the structure we fought for 3 years ago but will need to insure that seniority and other impacts are properly addressed in the transition.

6) Dee explained the Health Labor-Management Committee structure composed of all County Unions and that it is reviewing current trends by provider at present. We are not into policy or actions yet. The next meeting is 3/15 from 3:00 to 4:30 pm.

7) Personnel Policy review is ongoing. We reviewed the Miscellaneous Leave Policy changes and agreed to the change.

8) ETTI is doing a total compensation survey and Johnny and Donovan are the leads on that. They are looking at all aspects of compensation from salary to benefits to certificate pay.

9) There is a pending ULP at PERB regarding the Code Enforcement election 3 years ago and we sought to resolve it by updating the County Employee Relations Ordinance. We are awaiting action by the County on this.

10) We have resolved many issues and are looking at a short agenda today though we are in continuous preparation for negotiations next year.


Q and A


1) Will you be looking at a COLA in negs? Yes.

2) CMID is losing staff to retirement. Are you working on that? Yes.

3) Code Enforcement is being forced to deal with marijuana abatement and enforcement. There are issues regarding the criminal nature of some growers and lack of planning on the safety and threat sides. Other cities are using DEA agents for this work. Tom requested that the employees send a list of issues and ETTI will meet with the department to discuss this and look for options to keep employees safe.

4) There is an MOU in Code Enforcement with Waste Management to enforce garbage cans in the street but it is unclear that it is funded and who does it.

Election – None



The Board meeting adjourned to the General Meeting at 6:55 PM.


Raffle – A raffle was held at the end of the meeting.


Next meeting – TBD


Minutes prepared by Dee Contreras




Mark Stephan, Secretary-Treasurer

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