Letter From the Children’s Receiving Home of Sacramento

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Children’s Receiving Home of Sacramento
November 20,2017

To Mark Stephan
PO Box 276Q72
Sacramento, CA 95827

Dear Mark Stephan,

We are so grateful for your support. Your recent gift of $1,500.00 is helping us heal not only physical wounds, but
the deeper emotional trauma that is caused when kids suffer the pain of abuse and neglect.

The physical needs are the “easy” fixes. The real trauma lies beneath the surface. Your gifts go beyond simply providing shelter to helping us address pain that can’t be fixed with a Band-Aid or ice pack.

I’m talking about the emotional pain that causes a child to hit, to act out, to vandalize, to hurt those who care
for them—because this is all they’ve known. The three-year-old with violent tantrums who is unable to manage
his emotions. The teenager who thinks about (and does) harm herself. The child who breaks windows and destroys our

Over the years, the needs and behaviors of our kids have escalated. The cases are more severe, and our programs and
services have adapted to these needs. Now your gifts do much more than simply provide shelter. They provide occupational therapy for the three-year-old so he can learn to self-soothe. They provide treatment for the at-risk
teen struggling with mental health issues. And they provide caring, patient, and compassionate staff that counsel
the troubled child who is feeling overwhelmed by his situation.

You are helping address the lasting damage that is done when someone treats our kids as if they don’t matter. You are sending a message to our kids that you care and want better for them. And for that, we can’t thank you enough. We so appreciate you being part of our family of support and helping us bring true and lasting healing to the kids in our care.

Most sincerely,

David Ballard
Chief Executive Officer
Tax ID # 94-1322166

P.S. We want you to be an engaged member of our community. Please visit our website at www.crhkids.org to sign up for our emails and newsletters.

In accordance with IRS regulation, we acknowledge that you did not receive any goods or services in exchange for your contribution.

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