State of the Union, December 2017

To: ETTI Members
December 14, 2017

Dear Fellow ETTI Members, Happy Holidays.

I write this letter to inform you of the activities of the Board of ETTI over the last year. This Year has been one of the better years for our Union in quite a while. Not that all of the problems have been resolved but the hard work we have done over the last few years is starting to make a difference. Here is a list of a few accomplishments that your Board is very proud of.

We filed fewer grievances this year than any year since I took office.

We have had less discipline action against our members.

The complaints from the membership about their working conditions have decreased.

The County has been very receptive to our input on revised County policies.

We have been meeting on each and every 71 J proposal by the County and strongly voicing our position against hiring 3rd party.

The County has hired more of our members than any other time since the recession.

We are improving the ETTI web site and are posting more current information.

We have more money from our investments and dues than at any other time since ETTI was created.

We have the best legal representation of any other unit.

We are training the Board members in Labor relations via conferences and training seminars. We are in preparation for the next Contract negotiations which will start very soon.

The expected start date is early 2018. We have identified over thirty items we would like to improve within the Contract.

As we progress into next year please plan to attend our general meeting and election which will be held February 22, 2018. More information on the contract and other issues will be discussed. A notification will be sent out in mid-January. Please plan to attend.

There are many challenges ahead and I know we can continue being successful in the protection our livelihoods. I wish the best for you and your family in the upcoming year.

Sincerely, Thomas Mrizek
President ETTI

You can also download a PDF of this State of the Union here.

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