ETTI Board Minutes 8-27-2019

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ETTI Board Meeting
August 27, 2019
12:00 PM at Perko’s

Executive Board
President – Tom Mrizek
Vice President – Randy Shuker
Secretary Treasurer – Mark Stephan
Ex Officio – Randy Shuker
Attorney – Dee Contreras for G&A
Labor Representative – Dave Swim

Chapter Representatives
Waste Water Treatment Plant Inspection –
Building Permits & Inspection – Donovan Doyon
Construction Inspection – Ken Fellman
Engineering Technicians – Johnny Mangum
County Building Projects & Materials Lab Inspection – Adam Autsen
Code Enforcement – Brian Tischbirek


Call to Order – The meeting was called to order at 12:40 PM by President Mrizek.

Board Members Present – Tom Mrizek, Mark Stephan, Randy Shuker, Brian Tischbirek, Johnny Mangum, Ken Fellman, Donovan Doyen, Adam Autsen.

Reading of the Minutes – The minutes for July 23, 2019 were reviewed. Moved by Johnny Mangum; seconded by Ken Fellman to approve the minutes as presented; carried.

Financial Report – Mark Stephan presented the report for July and the finances remain stable. In July dues were $9,540 and expenses were $8,848. The second largest expense after the $3,500 for Goyette was $3,023 for release time. Assets were $322,651. The report was accepted.

President’s Report –

1) President Mrizek reported on the LMC meeting with BPI which went well and serves to keep them aware that we are watching what happens.

2) The DOT LMC meeting is pending.

3) The Code Enforcement LMC went well. An employee we were concerned about is on a leave of absence so action is deferred. Barry has worked with Fire and they will handle weed abatement on occupied buildings. Tom reiterated that we want to look at all contracting out that affects our Unit twice a year in July and January. Dee indicated that XXX has not received all of the accommodations agreed to and Barry will follow up on that. He thought it was done.

4) We met wit the Sanitation District on the dress code and they will work on some suggested changes and meet again.

5) We are still awaiting a response on the reclassification of Engineering Technicians in the District to Data Management Technicians. Dee will check on theat.

6) Dee reported that he Employer Relations Policy is in final draft and out for review. They hope to go to the Board of Supervisors in August.

7) Dennis Batchelder will be the Interim Labor Relations Director until a replacement for Bonner is found. Dee gave a brief background on him.

8) The County Health LMC met and in order to get a rate increase reduced by Kaiser they agreed that it will be added on in the future if more than 100 or 200 employees opt out of Kaiser in open enrollment this year. That is a big gamble and they are likely to have to pay it next year.

9) The 71J and Annuitant grievances are coming up and Raf will represent those also.

10) It was suggested that Tom be made a lifetime member and he will provide ex officio advice to the Board and attend meetings by phone if needed.

11)Tom asked that the minutes be sent quarterly to the Board of Supervisors so they can see what is happening at our level.

12) Tom will begin planning the annual holiday dinner meeting.

13) The Unfair on the unilateral implementation of the Transportation Policy was filed and we are awaiting a response from PERB.

14) Mark and Ken expressed concern over a new employee who submitted a request to earn one-half CTO and one-half pay pursuant to the policy provided him at hire. It was paid and then he was told the policy was in error and it would be collected back. He was presented with an email from Thor Lude that they would not pay overtime effective 2009. Mark requested all of the paperwork on that agreement as it is prior to the current Board and makes sense as part of the Recession in 2009 but not now.

Action Items: None


1) XXX is still having issues with the work environment and a meeting will be set to get it finalized.

2) Tom met with Rafael Ruano on the arbitration in the XXX discipline. He has proposed stipulations to the County and they agreed. Raf will go after the jeopardy issue and XXX will testify. He will also push back on the fact that the County did not do the inspections after they accused John of not doing them, nor did they return the inspection fees paid.

Correspondence: None

Old Business: None

New Business: None

Meeting Adjourned – 1:40 PM

Next meeting – To be determined

Minutes prepared by Dee Contreras


Mark Stephan, Secretary-Treasurer

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