ETTI Board Meeting Feb 1, 2022

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ETTI Board Meeting
February 1, 2022
11:00 AM Video conferencing

Executive Board
President – Tom Mrizek
Vice President – Randy Shuker
Secretary Treasurer – Mark Stephan
Ex Officio – Randy Shuker
Representative – Dee Contreras for G&A

Chapter Representatives
Waste Water Treatment Plant – Erich Matthews
Building Permits & Inspection – Donovan Doyon
Construction Inspection – Roman Rennard
Engineering Technicians – Johnny Mangum
Bldg Projects & Materials Lab Insp – Adam Autsen
Code Enforcement – Brian Tischbirek


Call to Order – The meeting was called to order at 11:10 AM by President Mrizek.

Board Members Present – Tom Mrizek, Adam Autsen, Roman Rennard, Erich Matthews, Donovan Doyon, Randy Shuker

Reading of the Minutes – The minutes were deferred.

Financial Report – Mark submitted the financial by email. Our expenses exceeded income with 80% membership.

President’s Report – 1) Tom said that the Board will be putting out more information now that employees are back in the workplace. Tom said that the survey was sent to members and Adam said they received more complaints than recommendations. Roman reported that there has been reduced participation and community due to working separately during COVID.

2) Tom reported that the Wastewater Management Technician classification series was adopted by the Civil Service Commission. Once they recommend a Unit we will meet on salary.

3) Adam asked about the ARPA proposal and Dee explained that we have not completed negotiations and are pushing to increase the amount. Tom suggested that it could roll over into negotiations if it is not done.

4) Tom stated that the County has hired a new Community Services Director, David EffmineXXX, who will start on 2/14/22. He will manage Community Development, Code, and Building Services. He was a Planner for the County and left in 2014. Tom will meet with him as he can.

5) Tom reported on the Goyette meeting and Randy was impressed by MansourChopan and Brandon Largent to work with ETTI when Dee retires. Tom, Donovan and Erich agreed with them. They were invited to the 2/24 General Meeting to meet the membership. Tom suggested they look at food trucks to avoid clean-up issues. Adam said that he has quotes for food and Randy said they can use the covered area outside at the end of the building for food.

6) Tom explained that we have not received all of the PRA information requested from Vanessa. Only the Fast Track has been pulled together and the response is now due by 2/25/22. He will forward anything that he receives. Brandon did the PRA requests last Friday and once received he asked that Board members review the data and check for issues such as incomplete inspections and sign offs by the wrong person. Adam asked if there was anything on the Airport issues on failed PCUs???. Roman said that they are being sent out and some were low numbers but passed. Tom asked if these were proper tests and Roman said that it is not where it should be but the Engineers think it will get there. Tom asked how you test that and Roman said that you cannot. We are all frustrated and it has all been reported. He added that they are 2 months behind and this is overlooked and the staff QA and QS inspections are ignored. Tom suggested that they keep on reporting the issues and Dee asked if the County has a Whistleblower line. Roman said that it goes to Airport Management who do not tell Operations about it. Tom said that an employee could go to top County management or even outside if needed to be heard.

7) Tom reported that he went to the Labor Commission site and our salaries are below prevailing wage. He asked if paying below prevailing wage was an Unfair Labor Practice and Dee stated it would only be an Unfair if there was an action in negotiations or refusal to bargain. There was a question about the County saying no one would get more than we are and then a few months later the nurses did. I explained that would only be an issue if they were talking about giving the additional money while we were bargaining and they lied. Tom asked where we are on the salary survey and Dee will follow up on the data issues. Tom asked if we could get to prevailing wage in impasse and Dee explained it is unlikely as no County she is aware of uses it and no one updates salary as it is updated. Tom said the some classes are 30% low and will need large equity adjustments to fix it and the CPI is very high.

8) Tom raised a question about overtime in the Charter and asked if we could negotiate it into the MOU. Dee said we need to look at it and explained that CTO was authorized by adding public employees to coverage by the FLSA. There was a discussion of overtime which is not included in retirement calculations and sick leave which can be used to increase service time. Adam said that SCERS is 90% funded in the most recent actuarial report. Tom said that the rate for employee will go down in July. Tom said that our retirement cost ceiling at 12% will be a target and asked what the 1% cost of employee retirement is. Dee explained we can get that with the regular pay gross for employees we represent. Tom said he will do a request for information (RFI) for that and have Brandon do a PRA on it. Adam said that the contractor is using employees without certificates or licenses employees hold. They also subcontract the work to other firms. Tom requested that the Board send him information or issues so he can forward it to Brandon.

9) The Remote Work Policy has been extended and if the work is conducive to work at/from home it is continued again and the Board agreed.

10) Tom will be on vacation for 10 days and Randy will be in change.

Action Items: Tom explained that Mark has returned to work and his stipend needs to be deleted. Moved by Erich; seconded by Adam to stop the payment effective 3/1/22; carried.

Representation: None

Meeting Adjourned – 12:41 PM

Next meeting – The next meeting is to be determined.

Minutes prepared by Dee Contreras



Adam Autsen, Secretary Treasurer

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