Board Members

These are your ETTI union officials and Chapter Representatives:

Tom Mirzek Phone: (916) 300-3042
Randy Shuker Phone: (916) 880-6635
Mark Stephan Phone: (916) 996-6522
Donovan Doyan Phone: (916) 207-9895
Ken Fellman Phone: (916) 899-9743
Johnny Mangum Phone: (916) 667-1599
Brian Tischbirek Phone: (916) 276-8639
Position Name Phone
President Tom Mirzek (916) 300-3042
Vice President Randy Shuker (916) 880-6635
Secretary/Treasurer Mark Stephan (916) 996-6522
CMID’s Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant Inspection Representative Erich Mathews (279) 900-6593
Building Inspection Chapter Representative Donovan Doyan (916) 207-9895
Construction Inspection Chapter Representative Roman Rennard (530) 723-2801
Engineering Technician Chapter Representative Johnny Mangum (916) 667-1599
CMID’s County Owned Building Projects and Materials Laboratory Inspection Representative Adam Austen (916) 738-2781
Code Enforcement Chapter Representative Brian Tischbirek (916) 276-8639

You can also contact ETTI at

If you have any general concerns that ETTI could help you with, or any personal concerns about your position or office, please let me know. I can be reached at any time on my personal cell phone (916) 880-6635, so please do not hesitate to call with any questions or concerns.

Immediate Past President (Ex-officio): Randy Shuker