Public Commendation Letters

We don’t get praise often enough, but it is nice when we do. Here are some of the positive letters we’ve received.

July 9th, 2018

Dear Mr. Siemens,

I wanted to send a compliment regarding the service provided by Michael Cameron, one of the Sacramento County building inspectors.

Just to give you a little bit of background, we just completed the process of rebuilding a house owned by my 92 year old mother. The house was set ablaze in last year by tenants she had living there. In addition to the fire itself, the re-build was further complicated by the fact that my mother had unknowingly let the insurance lapse. Because of the lack of insurance, we had very limited funds available to us and I had no choice but to complete this project acting as the Owner/ Builder. Even though I did as much research as I could and even took a class that instructed people how to build their own home, this was a very daunting and emotionally difficult task.

Hiring a draftsman, having plan drawn, and then applying for and obtaining building permits was very difficult. Starting the demolition and re-build was also very confusing – especially since I had no idea in which tasks needed to be completed in which order or when inspections were required to be done for various stages of the project.

When I called for the first inspection, I was fortunate to have Michael Cameron come to the house. Michael patiently explained the basics of how the inspection process works including the information about the orange folder, the official plans, and let me know that I wouldn’t needed to write checks for the inspectors when they came. He walked me through the process and gave me the information I needed to be prepared for the next stages. While this may be basic for people in the business, I had no idea about the basics of re-building a house and needed this kind of guidance. Additionally, Michael said that I could call him a 100 times if I needed; to get information and ask questions. I took him up on this offer and I can’t express how much help he provided. If he was busy with another job, and I left a message, he always returned my call. Having him as a resource allowed me to follow the rules/codes and helped me make the right decisions so that I could do things correctly the first time; saving me both time and money. Because of his professionalism and kindness I felt like I had a partner in the building process.

In closing, I would like to say that Michael Cameron went above and beyond my expectations, is a wonderful example of a very knowledgeable and professional inspector, and that I am very thankful for all his assistance. He is a great asset to your organization.

Robbin Bayne